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Fabric collage inspired by the masters.

I'm starting a new series of fabric collage based on the colors, style and history of different art masters. I will select artists who were my early influences and some I discovered and searched out recently.

The first in the series is Klimt. I looked at both, "The Kiss", and "The Golden Girl" for inspiration. I researched this artist years ago, when I did gold leaf installations on walls inside clients homes, working as a decorative artist and faux finisher.

I gathered the fabrics over time, some from my stash

and others specifically for this project. There was just so much fabric here, I decided that before I started to assemble it, I would create packets for others to create something of their own. I believe art, and the love of art should be encouraged.

Here is the video of the fabric selection before I gathered it up.

I included some of all the samples here in the packet, but I didn't use all the trim and buttons and lace for mine. There would be enough to make a few projects if you were making a junk journal or doing some slow stitching. It would also make a square for a quilt project. For this wall hanging I stayed with larger swaths of color and gold bling.

I used very little fusible web and ironing here. I was afraid it would all melt into the iron. But after I worked with it awhile, I realized it would be fine. Nothing melted after I ironed it. Fusible webbing may have been easier than all the pins I used to keep the pieces in place while sewing. I started at the top and worked my way down and around, removing the pins as I went. If a piece shifted a bit I just left it and kept sewing. The whole thing is covered with a top stitched metallic thread. It's not in the sample pack because it was a last minute addition, but you get the idea. Use what you have and search out the rest.

Close-up shots of the front and a detail shot of the back.

I usually look for repurposed items or things people want to pass on before I buy something new for a project. It's not to say that I don't buy new, I do. It's just not the first choice. Sometimes these "limits" create a better option than new and make you think.

I will post more of the fabric collage "Master Series" as I finish them.

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