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American Alphabet

The ABC book for change.

Launched October 10th, 2022

Do you hate the new normal?

Do you support gun reform
but can’t find the time to protest?
Well, now you can! 
Send a message to congress,
literally a simple ABC book even a baby can understand.
With your help reaching a successful 30-day Kickstarter campaign, I hope to raise
 enough money to cover the cost of printing and mailing 535 copies of my book, American Alphabet, the ABC book for change, to each member of United States Congress by January 2023.

This is a quick flip through my first handmade version of the soon to be professionally printed book, American Alphabet. Here I repurposed a child's used board book, glueing copies of the illustrations and poem to each page. I will offer 3 of these unique books as top tier pledge rewards, available when the campaign launches next month. I'm hoping to cover the cost to print and send one paperback book to each member of Congress when we reach our goal.

The ABC book for change.

Here is the pre-launch Official Kickstarter page

My pre-launch page went up today on Kickstarter. Click the big green button below to take you to my Kickstarter campaign. Then click on the get notified button, it will ask you to quickly set up an account. When the site goes live Monday you will automatically be the first to get a notification and see the rewards and start pledging. 

Even better, download the app. That's it. 

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