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Dear President: A nonpartisan plea.

Follow The Leader - Artist Gina M

Dear President,

Congratulations. You won.

Was it because you represent the best of us; the best example of humanity this country has to offer?

Was it your track record, your experience with people, your diplomacy?

Was it your popularity with the common experience or the majority indifference?

What drove it home -- fear tactics, power, relativeness, a voice of change?

Will you promise to protect, govern and lead us,

your subjects,

into an all inclusive, peaceful future?

No matter.

What’s done is done.

We are a strong and gullible bunch, America.

- A mixed bag of potential, ready for change.

Remember dear President,

You will be replaced and recalled

by later generations forced

to clean up your messes, your mistakes,

your indifference to the few as you appease the many.

No Worse For Wear -Artist Gina M.

We can only hope.

If we are lucky and the world survives.


America’s Future

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