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Safety Protocol.

Just another Monday in America. Just another public shooting. Just the new normal.

It’s 2022. More guns than people and more people with access to them. When will it end?

But are we asking that question anymore? Or are we just living with it, making our children live with it? Sacrificing their innocence, safety and sanity? Whose liberty and the pursuit of happiness is it really? Will it be this generations ability to adapt, to accept more fear, to accept (a lie) that a stranger with a gun has more rights than they do - to feel safe?

America is making a deal with the devil accepting this new normal with new safety protocols and active shooter drills. We are conditioning our youth to accept this new normal, normalizing domestic terrorism, forcing them and society to adapt to an irrational love of guns.

I see this relationship with societies attitudes, advertising, media, and capitalism intertwined with power and control. This conditioning happens in the background, over time. The evidence resonates with the subconscious conditioning of child’s play and the toys manufactured by each generation.

Safety Protocol. Speedy Scan 90"x47"x32" Toys on chains, LED lights, wood,paint

Example: “In the 1950s, advertisers and retailers idealized the kitchen as the housewife’s realm, a symbol of fulfilling domesticity. Toy kitchens fostered pretend-based play that reinforced expected gender roles for girls—and introduced them to the culture of consumption. “ -Smithsonian -National Museum of American History.

With new safety protocols in place that address the symptoms, not the cause, and the media’s modulating repetition of facts and the increasing frequency of domestic terrorist events, gun violence becomes normalized.

It’s unacceptable.

Safety Protocol. Speedy Scan, mocks Americas

irrational reverence of guns and gun violence and takes a sardonic look at the

conditioning of America’s children to subconsciously

normalize domestic terrorism while feeding them the lie; “You just deal with it.”


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