Large work in progress.

The finished project, "Remember Me". 36"x36"x36" ceramic, oil paint, foam

My current themes of loss, memories and aging come into play with this large, multiple part undertaking.

This is a 4 foot tall, old sagging elephant beanbag chair, forgotten and shoved into a corner, carefully preserving the indentation of the last person to sit there.

I am sure this piece is influenced by the abstract pieces I viewed on field trips to museums as a child; Art sitting in the middle or corners of the room, large lumps of organic bubbled resin, bronze or plastic marked with ‘Do not touch’, or ‘Do not sit.’

Remember Me, combines old toy metaphors with the memory of a perfect snow angel making this a metaphysical self-portrait holding a moment in time.

Image prompts that are influencing the project included:

#clay #ceramics #ginam #oilpaint #toys #sculpture

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